About Lollipops NZ

What is a Lollipops Playland?

Located in a large (600-1000 m2) open, high stud building, LOLLIPOP'S PLAYLANDs are 'Pay for Play' indoor entertainment centres, designed for children 1-11 years. Children between these ages pay to enter, must wear socks, and can stay as long as they like. Children under one enter free.
LOLLIPOP'S PLAYLANDs have two main areas of activity - Casual players (with parents), and Birthday Parties. Most LOLLIPOP'S are open 7 days per week (including most Public Holidays) from 9.30am- 6pm.
LOLLIPOP'S PLAYLANDs feature unique and exciting play for children in an indoor, clean, safe and supervised environment. 



Attractions include most of the following features:

  • A large multi level indoor playgroundLollipops Playland & Cafe, Lollipops Playland, indoor play centres, childrens parties, kids parties, kids venue, party ideas, playcentre, play centre, play centre newcastle, newcastle play centre, canberra playcentre, party ideas, kids party ideas, kids party venues, party venues, play centres, kids play centres
  • Ball pools (with up to 20,000 plastic playballs)
  • Merry-go-round and bouncy inflatable
  • A special toddler area for younger children
  • Play believe and dressup area
  • Educational computers
  • Indoor basketball and soccer area
  • Quiet area with painting, books, duplo etc.
  • Birthday party rooms
  • A café with good coffee and a tempting range of food.   

All these are located in a colourful, decorated area with easy listening music playing continuously. Many of these attractions have unique 'Superplay' features and are not found in outside free playgrounds, or in fast food restaurant playgrounds.


Security and safety are very important features in a LOLLIPOP'S PLAYLANDs, with security gated entry, wristbands on all children and restricted access for adults without children.untitled

Upon entry into Lollipop’s, each child and parent receives matching ID wrist bracelets to ensure children cannot leave without their parents. A staff member will inspect the exiting customers ID bracelet on departure to prevent any unauthorized exiting of children from the facility. Parents are encouraged to climb, play and interact with their children in the various activity areas. Alternatively, parents can watch their children from the seating areas throughout the playland.

Staff wear bright colourful uniforms and are selected with an emphasis on personality and ability to enjoy and interact with the children customers. Overall a very enjoyable and professionally presented environment designed to maximise the children's fun and to encourage repeat visits.